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August 17, 2017

A New School Trains Artists to Be Politicians


The almost daily privations doled out by an unapologetically misogynist, racist, and xenophobic administration have mobilized members of the arts community into action. The national organization Fractured Atlas has now stepped into the fray with a new initiative, the Artist Campaign School, which looks to train artists in the practical skills necessary to successfully run for elected office. …



August 16, 2017

Art of the camera on the camera: the digital artist's palette, gallery and salon all rolled into one

The National UAE Edition

The artist Cindy Sherman's recently made her Instagram account public, unleashing a torrent of discussion, while an exhibition at the Met raises more questions about the medium and its message …


Architecture and Design Reimagined at the Art Institute of Chicago

Broadway World

On September 12, the museum opens its new permanent collection of modern and contemporary architecture and design. Fast Forward: Architecture and Design at the Art Institute is a dynamic, issue-driven installation drawn from the museum's world-class holdings. …



August 15, 2017

Nari Ward Spotlights the Gap Between Poverty and Privilege


Nari Ward’s exhibition TILL, LIT at Lehmann Maupin gallery alludes to and signifies those key systems of social organization that we can’t seem to escape: race and class.


This UK Artist is Paying Tribute to Black Women Through Street Art

In March, artist Neequaye Dreph Dsane launched the street art project called "You Are Enough," which features portraits of women of African and Caribbean heritage on buildings throughout London …



August 11, 2017

Damien Hirst’s Shipwreck Fantasy Sinks in Venice


VENICE — Damien Hirst’s Treasures from the Wreck of the Unbelievable is not an exhibition. It’s a showroom for oligarchs. Comprised of about 190 works, including gold, silver, bronze, and marble sculptures, the show is undoubtedly the most expensive artistic flop in living memory. …


Documenta 14


Documenta 14 might be the most provocatively Eurocentric exhibit that I have ever seen—and I mean that in the best possible way. Unlike Okwui Enwezor’s pivotal Documenta 11 (2002), which replaced the exhibit’s usual highly European perspective by didactically advancing “the global” as a means of thinking through art’s stakes, the six-member curatorial team helmed by Adam Szymczyk could not leave its immediate context alone. …


Comedian Adam Conover Says the Art Market Is a Scam. Here’s What He Gets Right—and Wrong.

artnet News

Is the art market no more than a playground for snobs and crooks? The comedian Adam Conover certainly thinks so. He makes the case in a five-minute video released yesterday as the latest in his web series “Adam Ruins Everything.” … Some of Conover’s claims—which echo many complaints lobbed at the art world in recent years—are better-researched than others. …



August 10, 2017

A Beached Whale Sculpture Popped Up on the Banks of Paris's Seine River

Mental Floss

In Paris, dozens of fish varieties live in the Seine River. Now, the Associated Press reports that the famous waterway is home to a beached whale.

Rest assured, eco-warriors: The sperm whale is actually a lifelike sculpture, installed on an embankment next to Notre Dame Cathedral by Belgian artists’ collective Captain Boomer. …


A Trans Artist Breaks Down the Walls of Bathroom Stalls


A conversation with the trans artist Emmett Ramstad explores how public bathrooms are contested spaces emblematic of how the United States functions.


Did Picasso ‘borrow from himself’ for Daley Plaza sculpture design?

Chicago Sun-Times

… this week, as the city begins to celebrate the sculpture’s 50th anniversary, artist Herbert Migdoll, the veteran photographer of Chicago’s Joffrey Ballet, has suggested one of the most convincing explanations of the imagery behind Picasso’s work. …Among the many figures in the ballet [“Parade”], which conjured a surreal performance by street performers, was a horse with a cubist, mask-like head.


P*hat founder asks knitters to make 'Welcome Blankets' for immigrants

Chicago Tribune

The last time Jayna Zweiman developed a crowdsourced knitting project, tens of thousands of women ended up wearing pink triangular hats as they marched on Washington and scores of newspaper editors struggled with what to call said headgear.

Now Zweiman is asking for more needlework, but with the goal of helping immigrants rather than women’s rights. The project “Welcome Blanket” asks knitters — and quilters and weavers — to make a small blanket and send it to Chicago, where the Smart Museum of Art at the University of Chicago will display it before it is passed along.




August 9, 2017

A Blind Artist Looks Back at Growing Up in the ’90s


In 2014, Manuel Solano lost his eyesight from an HIV-related infection. His new works treat that experience as the generative event for his art. … The work can’t be separated from its sensationalism, but it’s also a challenge to engage critically with art so closely tied to the artist’s biography, and, in this case, the incurable illness that left him blind but also serves as the conceptual foundation for his work.


games are not art

Gamasutra (blog)

For the two past decades, people from all walks of this big industry we call games have been wondering "are games art?". These questions are commonly followed by a resounding self-answered and multi-layered "yes".

I politely disagree.

If you want to know why just keep reading. …


Northern Trust to Donate Artwork to Northwestern University’s Block Museum of Art at EXPO CHICAGO 2017

Business Wire

Northern Trust … announced today that the Northern Trust Purchase Prize, an annual gift of artwork selected from EXPO CHICAGO, will be donated to Northwestern University’s Mary & Leigh Block Museum of Art at the sixth annual EXPO CHICAGO (Sept. 13 – 17, 2017) at Navy Pier’s Festival Hall.



August 8, 2017

The Black American Women Who Made Their Own Art World


We Wanted a Revolution at the Brooklyn Museum tracks the shape-shifting radicalism of black women artists, authors, filmmakers, dancers, gallerists, and public figures between 1965 and 1985.


A pair of local film-industry veterans are coming to Destroy Your Art

Chicago Reader

At 8 PM on Friday, August 25, the Goose Island design studio Lost Arts will host a new screening project called Destroy Your Art, in which five local filmmakers will present new short films, then destroy the hard drives on which they were recorded immediately after screening them. …


August 7, 2017

An Annual Compendium of Black Photography that Was a Revolutionary Act


In 1973, a small band of black artists published a book that changed the history of photography in America. The Black Photographers Annual [BPA], Volume I, presented the work of nearly 50 distinguished African-American photographers, past and present. It was a revolutionary act. …


The Many Faces Made from Chelsea Manning’s DNA


What can we learn about a person through biological materials such as their hair or skin? What are the limitations of prescribing an identity through genomic sequencing? These are the questions posed by artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg in her collaborative projects with Chelsea Manning, …


Illinois spends $1 to hand out every 83 cents in taxes for arts

Belleville News-Democrat

Maybe $1.85 million isn’t the biggest expense in Illinois and won’t make much of a dent in the state’s $14.4 billion bill backlog, but maybe a blank canvas is exactly the kind of artistic statement we need.

…the Illinois Arts Council Agency [spends] $1 million on staff and overhead in 2016 to hand out $834,900 in grants. …


A major museum has to return another looted artifact. Welcome to the dark side of the art world.

The Washington Post

U.S. prosecutors recently seized a 2,300-year-old vase, painted by the great Greek artist Python, which had long been on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Evidence showed that tomb raiders had looted it in Italy in the 1970s. …



August 6, 2017

Anti-Gentrification Movement Spreads to South L.A. Art Spaces

LA Weekly

The anti-gentrification movement in Boyle Heights has taken two tacks. On the one hand, there is the fairly conventional fight against new, large-scale apartment complexes such as the Wyvernhood and the Sears Project. At the same time, a smaller, younger, more radical group has taken to protesting art galleries and, earlier this summer, a coffee shop. …



August 5, 2017

Why should Dallas care about design if its leading art museum doesn't?

Dallas News

If you've been searching for the modern and contemporary design gallery at the Dallas Museum of Art, you can stop. It no longer exists. … "Modern and contemporary design are still a part of the museum's interests going forward, but as we are currently looking for a new …  Curator of Decorative Arts, specific details for their display will unfold once the position is filled," Jill Bernstein, the museum's director of public relations, wrote in response to an inquiry.


Morelia artist 2MIL debuts first solo show at Pilsen Outpost

The Gate News

Herson Aldair Piñon also known as “2MIL” is a 23-year-old self- taught artist from Morelia, Mexico. He has been working on acrylic paintings and pencil sketches for more than 2 and a half years. His first solo art gallery Pueblo Mágico opens on Friday, August 4th at Pilsen Outpost. 2MIL will give Chicago a taste of Mexico with his artwork that has been heavily influenced by the Mexican culture, more specifically the culture of his hometown of Morelia.




August 4, 2017

A Queer Homage to a 1970s Lesbian Separatist


Seven years after her death, Jill Johnston has finally come into vogue. She was a dynamo writer whose Village Voice column was the absolute record of the 1970s East Village avant-garde, particularly its emerging performance art and experimental theatre scenes. … curator Nick Morgan has taken Johnston’s queer ramblings as inspiration for his latest exhibition at Kate Werble Gallery, in the hopes of not being considered. …


Why Is the Art World Divided over Gauguin’s Legacy?


To some, Paul Gauguin is one of Modernism’s great bohemian renegades, a giant of Post-Impressionism who broke free from Europe’s bourgeois shackles … To others, he was a fraudulent cad, milking the myth of the noble savage to satisfy his exotic fantasies while boosting the market for his art back home. …


Layered Takes in Alternative Facts at Space Gallery


Despite the implications of the show’s title, there is little political content in the works included aside from a few pieces by artist Ian McLaughlin. …


MCA's planned rooftop installation gets bad reviews

Crain's Chicago Business

While an exhibit of Japanese pop art at the Museum of Contemporary Art has been getting good reviews this summer, some residents of neighboring condos are dismissing a new installation on the museum's roof as a work of plop art. …


Darger Never Disappoints: A Review of “Betwixt-and-Between: Henry Darger’s Vivian Girls” at Intuit

The latest in a series of Henry Darger exhibitions presented at Intuit examines the gender ambiguity of the artist’s Vivian girls, a septet of pint-sized powerhouse heroines in his magnum opus, “In the Realms of the Unreal,” …



August 3, 2017

How Amanda Williams draws attention to the valuation of black neighborhoods

Chicago Reader

… Williams, a former architect, continues to explore questions like these—about the valuation of neighborhoods, about what color signifies, and about the sustainability of built environments—in her current exhibition, part of the Museum of Contemporary Art's Chicago Works series, which highlights local artists. …



August 2, 2017

A Design Firm That’s Quietly Permeated Pop Culture


… Fonts are the mechanism that gives form to printed language, and their impact is profound, whether one is aware and obsessed with them, or not.

Andy Cruz is undoubtedly obsessed with fonts, having created them for 20-plus years under the auspices of House Industries, a design firm cofounded with Rich Roat in the early 1990s. …


With iPhone and Stickers, a Doodling Artist Who Dreams Big

The New York Times

… Mr. Burgerman, a self-deprecating British artist with a penchant for bright colors and googly eyes, has nearly 64,000 followers [on Instagram].

Burgerman’s primary technique is to overlay doodles onto scenes of everyday life in New York, …


The Letters of Picasso’s Dealer and a Century’s Worth of Impressionist Archives Are Going Online

artnet news

Art historians and dealers researching works of art will soon have a new trove of materials to work with, courtesy of the Wildenstein Plattner Institute (WPI).

A century’s worth of documentation from WPI—featuring materials like stock books from art galleries, artists’ correspondence, and annotated sale catalogues—will be digitized to develop online catalogues raisonnés …



August 1, 2017

Humans Prefer Computer-Generated Paintings to Those at Art Basel


Computer scientists at Rutgers University developed a system to generate artworks that were deemed more communicative and inspiring than human-made art.


An Alternative Survey of Art in LA


Throughout the month of August, Maiden LA will stage over 140 events, performances, and exhibitions by unrepresented artists in unconventional spaces.


Celebrating gender identity, a new exhibition brings together a diverse cache of LGBT art

The Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool has spent two years researching British LGBT history since 1967 – the year of the Sexual Offences Act that decriminalised homosexual acts in England and Wales – and has found many answers to these questions through more than 100 artworks …


AirGo Radio, Hub of Chicago’s Artist-Activist Movement, Celebrates 100 Episodes

If Chicago’s artistic and activist communities are at a historical moment, AirGo Radio is the group documenting that history. In the past few years, millennials have led a creative renaissance born out of outrage from police shootings, inequality, violence, and poverty, using their artistry and indefatigable energy to push for change. …


Philippe de Montebello on How the Metropolitan Museum of Art Can Reclaim Its Glory

artnet news

… de Montebello has been watching the recent turmoil at the Met—culminating in the ouster of director Thomas Campbell in February, and the ascension of Daniel Weiss as both interim director and president and CEO—with barely contained exasperation. …



July 30, 2017

That dares to speak its name

The Hindu

… Tate Britain has produced an ambitious show, Queer British Art (1851-1967), that marks the two conspicuous dates in British law that conclude with the decriminalisation of homosexuality in England in 1967. …


How Jeffrey Deitch, Citibank, and Christo Created the Art Market as We Know It


For as long as there’s been art, there’s been money nearby. … But somehow—despite the fact that many of the most prominent collectors hail from the financial industry, works of art regularly command seven figures, and banks are lining up to lend against art—acknowledging the existence of an art market tends to make art world types shift uncomfortably in their seats. …



July 29, 2017

Photos: Behind The Mysterious, Quietly Beautiful Mountain Street Art Around Chicago


…you can see understated, serene cut-outs of grey mountains with snowy peaks, pasted on the sides of Chicago's nondescript apartment buildings, street signs and newspaper boxes so that they almost blend in with the urban landscape. Almost.

The unlabeled street art is the work of Brian Brain, a formerly Chicago-based tile artist, who spent years gluing the mountain-shaped tiles around the city.  …


No sign of ‘Brexit blues’ in booming London art market

The Irish Times

There’s no sign of “Brexit blues” in the London art market which continues to boom. … Here are 10 highlights from the London art auctions of summer 2017. …


How to Act Ethically in Art


Don’t fuck the curator. Or the artist, the gallerist, the writer, or their editor. Unless, of course, you really want to. And, it almost goes without saying, they also really want to. But it’s best avoided, really, as the power dynamics are messy. But so is love. So is desire. So, it turns out, is art.

There is no guide for what’s right and wrong in art. Occasionally professors or curators are given a handbook, but even these often miss much of the important stuff, subtle real-world quandaries. …



July 28, 2017

Chicago deflates plan to fly giant pig balloons in front of Trump Tower

Chicago Tribune

The plan to install four golden, pig-shaped balloons to block the Trump Tower sign in a one-day protest planned for September was deflated by the city, which denied the design company a permit, the firm said.

The 30-foot-by-15-foot helium balloons — part of the proposed art installation called "Flying Pigs on Parade: A Chicago River Folly" and designed by Chicago-based New World Design — were intended to be tethered to a construction barge in the Chicago River to cover President Donald Trump's last name on the tower's southeast facade. …


Sheikh Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi Joins Board of Trustees at the MCA Chicago


The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago has added Sheikh Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi to its board of trustees. His addition to the board was announced on the same day that the museum official launched the Global Vision Initiative, which the MCA first began as a pilot program in 2016.



July 27, 2017

Protesters Call on ICA Boston to Cancel Dana Schutz Show


An 18-week exhibition dedicated to Dana Schutz’s recent work opened today at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in Boston … Protestors released an open letter yesterday expressing their disappointment that the museum is honoring an artist they believe should instead be held accountable for her portrait of Emmett Till, “Open Casket” (2016), which many see not only as an insult to Till’s memory but also as a white woman’s violent vision of a history that isn’t hers.


The Night Gallery projects architectural visualizations into the streets of Chicago

The Architects Newspaper

On a quiet street on Chicago’s South Side, a six-foot-by-seven-foot screen glows every night from sunset to sunrise. The glowing storefront window is known as The Night Gallery. In month-long installations, The Night Gallery projects architectural visualizations ranging from algorithmic generative drawings to looping coded animations. …



July 26, 2017

Interactive Art Center Meow Wolf Is Forging a New Business Model for Artists


Meow Wolf, a Santa Fe–based artist collective that opened a very popular permanent art installation in a former bowling alley in 2016, raised more than $1 million in just two days on Wefunder, faster than any other company using the crowdfunding website. …


Gay bars and tarot cards: Liverpool show celebrates LGBT art at the Walker art gallery

The Guardian

Charlotte Keenan, the curator of British art at National Museums Liverpool, said the show was one of the most important exhibitions in the Walker’s history. … She said it reflected an ambition the gallery had held for years “to make queer British art and its importance to art history permanently visible within our galleries”. …



July 25, 2017

The Many Shades of Glenn Ligon’s Blue Black


Pulitzer Arts Foundation, St. Louis — In a new exhibition, Glenn Ligon explores the idea of “blue black” as it manifests not only in black identity but also in American culture.


How Bitcoin is infiltrating the $60bn global art market

BBC News

Eleesa Dadiani owns and runs an art gallery in London's famous Cork Street. … In a first for the tradition-bound art world of Cork Street, her international clientele will have the opportunity to pay using Bitcoin, the digital cryptocurrency underpinned by blockchain technology.

The gallery will also accept other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Dash, Litecoin, and soon, Monero, she says. …



July 24, 2017

Victims of a Jerusalem Bombing Want to Seize Artifacts from a Chicago Museum as Damages


The Supreme Court will decide whether the victims of the 1997 bombing can seize artifacts from the Oriental Institute that belong to Iran, which supported the terrorist organization responsible for the attack.


Street art has a legitimate place in culture

The Joplin Globe

Hidden in an alley in Joplin’s downtown bar district is a local contribution to what is gaining recognition as a significant art form — street art.

Like it or not, art that been brushed off as mere vandalism is getting some cred. …


The TX. 10: Top world art museums


List of the top 10 art museums in the world (the Art Institute of Chicago is no. 7)



July 23, 2017

MoMA's Massive "Frank Lloyd Wright at 150: Unpacking the Archive" Exhibit

Daily Beast

Prolific modernist American architect Frank Lloyd Wright would have turned 150 this past June. In honor of the occasion, the Museum of Modern Art has put on a major retrospective of his work.

The exhibit is comprised of nearly 400 items made in the 1890s through the 1950s and is housed in 12 rooms, divided to each focus on a specific work or theme from Wright's career. …



July 22, 2017

Private museum of Arab art in the pipeline for Beirut

The Art Newspaper

… Despite political paralysis and a refugee crisis driven by civil war in neighbouring Syria, there are more than half a dozen museum projects in the pipeline for the capital, Beirut. The latest addition to their ranks is the privately funded Beirut Arab Art Museum, which is set to become the city’s biggest art museum when it opens downtown in 2020. …



July 21, 2017


Attacked by ‘militant LGBT students,’ professor resigns

The College Fix

Following student accusations of “racism” and “homophobia,” and subsequently facing diminished teaching prospects, art professor Michael Bonesteel recently resigned from his position at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, claiming he was “unfairly vilified and demonized by [a] small cadre of militant LGBT students with an authoritarian agenda.”

The school, meanwhile, is denying Bonesteel’s charge that it “infringed on [his] academic freedom.” …



July 20, 2017

NEA, NEH, and Smithsonian Would Lose Millions in Funding in House Appropriations Committee Bill


Last night, the Appropriations Committee of the US House of Representatives approved the Interior and Environment Appropriations bill for fiscal year 2018, earmarking $145 million each for the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) and the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). While this represents potential cuts of nearly $5 million compared to the $149,849,000 both agencies received for FY2017, it’s also a far cry from the complete de-funding called for by President Trump in his proposed federal budget for next year. …


Algorithmic Art That You Can Blow On, Walk Through, or Dance Over


Washington, DC —  …  ARTECHOUSE (pronounced “art tech house”) describes itself as “an innovative digital art space dedicated to showcasing artists who are forerunners of the new renaissance in arts and technology.” …


Hundreds of new Vivian Maier prints donated to U. of C.

Chicago Tribune

Almost 500 never-before-shown Vivian Maier prints have found a new home at the University of Chicago Library, the university announced Wednesday.

Maier, the Chicago-area nanny who has become famous posthumously as a street photographer — and as the subject of extensive legal wrangling — has had museum and gallery shows but has not previously had her work held by a research institution. …



July 19, 2017

The Graduate Projects of Six British Art Students Were Inspired By Donald Trump

Teen Vogue

… 6 students from Europe’s largest arts university, University of the Arts London, did with their recent graduate work [after] witnessing Donald Trump … elected as the President of the United States… From a fashion collection to an art installation to a digital application, the bodies of work are as varied as they are complex …


Amanda Williams Turns Abandoned Properties into Art

… the [Chicago] South Side artists asks: “Why do [the houses] become special when I paint them? Why did you not care when it was just boarded up?” …


At the Art Museum Ticket Office, How Much Is Too Much?


… the Broad is adopting the strategy of a concert promoter was the astounding price that it tagged on those tickets: $25 for adults. (Children 12 and under are free.) That is a full $10 more than the general admission price at the Museum of Contemporary Art …


Online art marketplace Artsy raises $50M at $275M valuation to double down on auctions


…  Artsy, the New York startup that has positioned itself as the go-to place for all things arty — a platform for people to learn about visual art online as well as explore opportunities to buy and sell work — has raised $50 million in funding. …




July 18, 2017

Why Did Michelangelo Hate Raphael So Much? 5 Ferocious Feuds That Shaped Art History


Throughout art history, the quest for remembrance and dominance has led to intense rivalries. Some of these have inspired feats of creative one-upmanship; some have been outright destructive. Either way, they have indelibly defined the stakes of art-making. Below, we list five of the most famous. …



July 17, 2017

Translating Computer Algorithms into Tangible Fabrics


Digital complexity is turned into the comforts of home in this new series by artist Phillip Stearns, which offers up for sale pillows, tapestries, and other cozy objects woven from textiles that reflect computational processes. …


An Online Art Exhibit Spans Two Decades of the Internet

Willamette Week

Upfor gallery has two exhibits. Inside its physical venue in Northwest Portland, there's Brenna Murphy's Axis Spread—small 3-D-printed sculptures of tangled, colorful designs spaciously displayed on the gallery's floor.

Then there's Mark Amerika's new work, Detail(s) from GRAMMATRON (Animated GIF Remix), which only exists on the gallery's website. It takes about three minutes to get through.

Detail(s) is on Upfor's website in advance of the British Computer Arts Society's symposium in September that will be centered around the 20th anniversary of GRAMMATRON. …



July 16, 2017

A Saudi Artist Pauses in the Face of Politics


Abdulnasser Gharem’s works question initial perceptions and reveal inherent contradictions about Islamic and Arabian art and culture.



July 15, 2017

Conflict, exile, uprising: Arab art from the modern to the contemporary

Santa Fe New Mexican

… the Barjeel Art Foundation, a museum established in 2010 in the United Arab Emirates to house the art collection of Sultan Sooud Al-Qassemi. The collection’s focus is on modern and contemporary Arab art. In 2015, London’s Whitechapel Gallery hosted a four-part exhibition based around the Barjeel collection and published an accompanying catalog, Imperfect Chronology: Arab Art From the Modern to the Contemporary. …


Out-of-Town Galleries Arrive, Bearing Art

The New York Times

… Wherever young unknown artists make their work, there are, increasingly, fledgling dealers bent on showing it. … The latest attempt for fresh air is Condo New York: a complex of 20 out-of-town galleries that have moved in with 16 Manhattan counterparts for July …


Liam Gillick’s ‘Were People This Dumb Before TV? A Curated Selection from the Graphic Archive 1990–2017’ at Esther Schipper, Berlin


Liam Gillick (b.1964) is an English conceptual artist and is often associated with the artists included in the 1996 exhibition Traffic, which first introduced the term, Relational Art. The artist’s work has been included in numerous important exhibitions including Documenta and the Venice, Berlin and Istanbul Biennales …




July 14, 217

Posing for Photo, Gallery Visitor Topples Row of Pedestals Like Dominos [UPDATED]


In an LA exhibition by artist Simon Birch, a visitor lost her balance and damaged $200,000 worth of art. …


Cool Heat: An Art Outlaw Who Still Simmers

The New York Times

Hélio Oiticica (pronounced Oy-ti-SEEK-a) was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1937 into a family of scholarly leftists. …He was a live-wire gay kid: a talker, a reader, a looker, a dancer. He entered art school at 16 and quickly became the baby member of the Neo-Concretists, one of Brazil’s leading avant-garde groups. …


SFMOMA invites texters for surprise peeks at its collection

San Francisco Chronicle

SFMOMA’s new Send Me SFMOMA service, … allows art lovers to text (to 572-51) an emoji or a simple message (“send me ...”) and receive in response an image filling that description. This system makes use of data on 35,000 pieces of art in its collection …


The photography market is about not just names

The Economist

In A world awash with photos from 2bn smartphones, a picture may still tell a thousand words. But is it still worth a thousand pounds? The market for photography has changed dramatically in the digital era—especially for photojournalists, commercial photographers, studio photographers and the like. But the market for fine-art photography is still going strong. …



Hyde Park Art Center

Hyde Park Art Center, 5020 S. Cornell, presents “Wall of Now: Children of the Wall,” a mural project inspired by and paying tribute to the 50th Anniversary of the “Wall of Respect,” an iconic mural presenting portraits of African-American heroes on Chicago’s South Side in 1967. …



July 13, 2017

The Enduring Relevance of a 1,000-Year-Old Chinese Design Manual


… the Sanli tu, {is} a medieval book that sought to simplify and clarify the [three books collectively known as the San li, or the Three Rites]. Its author, Nie Chongyi, did so by introducing illustrations that provided a much more engaging experience but more significantly, also implemented a design standard. …


Theaster Gates' art at CTA station will nod to African-American experience

Chicago Tribune

Designs were unveiled Wednesday for Theaster Gates' planned art installation — a space made to look like a radio station that will host real, live DJs —at the Red Line's 95th Street station, which is being overhauled and is set to open next year. …


Gazebo Where Tamir Rice Killed To Go On Display At Stony Island Arts Bank


Artist Theaster Gates said Wednesday he plans to install the gazebo where 12-year-old Tamir Rice was shot and killed by police in Cleveland in 2014.

Gates received the gazebo in 2016 from the City of Cleveland and said Wednesday after a meeting with Rice’s mother, Samaria Rice, he now feels ready to install the gazebo at the Stony Island Arts Bank, 6760 S. Stony Island Ave. …


SFMOMA Will Text You Art On Request


As the museum’s website describes the project, called “Send Me,” “Text 572-51 with the words ‘send me’ followed by a keyword, a color, or even an emoji and you’ll receive a related artwork image and caption via text message.” The Twitterverse is loving it.



July 12, 2017

At a Chelsea Art Gallery, an Age Requirement: Over 60 Only

The New York Times

Talented 20-, 30- and 40-somethings need not apply. Ms. Vaccaro will not show them. They can send her JPEG after JPEG, … but Ms. Vaccaro’s reply will remain: Wait. She will not lower the age threshold at the Carter Burden Gallery, at 548 West 28th Street, near Eleventh Avenue. And the artists on her roster could not be happier. …


Guadalupe Rosales is 1st LACMA Instagram Artist in Residence


The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) has announced Guadalupe Rosales as its first Instagram artist in residence. The Los Angeles-based artist and archivist is the founder of the Instagram feeds, @Veteranas_and_Rucas & @Map_Pointz, and since 2015 has been working on an archive collection of the 90s Latino Party scene in Southern California. …


Video Game Art Gallery Launches Kickstarter, Getting Ready to Open its Doors


The Video Game Art Gallery (VGA) might be only limited to Chicago, but they are seeking to open their doors to all who enjoy the medium of video games. Getting it’s start three years ago the VGA has established a presence in Chicago hosting pop-up exhibitions and events hosting a number of people. Allowing artist in the industry of games and new mediums a place to grow and promote their work. …


Chicago Design Museum explores radical modernist directives in series

Windy City Times

The Chicago Design Museum ( ChiDM ) has announced a series of events exploring the tenets of designer Dan Friedman's Radical Modernist Agenda as part of its ChiDM Presents bi-weekly event series. The carefully curated program ties to the current exhibition, "Dan Friedman: Radical Modernist." All events take place at the museum, located on the third floor of Block Thirty Seven, 108 N. State St. …



July 11, 2017

The Rainbow of Japan’s LGBTQ Identity, Captured in Photos


… as a new photobook exemplifies, Japan’s queer community has been strengthening its presence in recent decades, with many individuals increasingly taking on roles as LGBTQ activists or carving out safe spaces from HIV/AIDS awareness centers to cabaret bars. In Edges of the Rainbow, published by The New Press, we receive intimate portraits of this community  …


A Brief History of Contemporary Art in Myanmar


The contemporary art scene in Myanmar (Burma) is undergoing a whiplash-inducing level of change that reflects the trajectory of the country. …


Soul of a Nation review – the sorrowful, shattering art of black power

The Guardian

Searing artistic responses to the agony of America’s racial struggle sit alongside powerful abstracts by forgotten artists. This compelling show puts the battle for civil rights in a brutal, brilliant new light …


Black Power in the art market; Saatchi's new dealer show; a $10 million Masterpiece sale

On the invitation card to Tate Modern’s Art in the Age of Black Power, which opens this week, is a 1966 self-portrait by Barkley L Hendricks … Like most African American artists, Hendricks had a completely marginal position in the market during the period covered by the exhibition (1963-1983), and for years after.



July 10, 2017

Shocking Study of 2,000 Objects in SF’s Mexican Museum Finds 1,917 Are Fake


An authenticity report commissioned by San Francisco’s Mexican Museum found that 1,917 of the 2,000 pre-Hispanic artifacts from its permanent collection examined are either forgeries or more recent decorative objects, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.


British artists take their works off gallery walls and into vending machines

Malay Mail Online

BRIGHTON (England), July 9 — A group of artists in the southern English coastal town of Brighton are taking their works off the gallery wall and offering them to the public via an unusual channel, through a vending machine. …


Come for the Run, Stay for the Art

Runner's World

Chicago runners flock to the 606 trail, an elevated path through the Wicker Park and Logan Square neighborhoods that opened in 2015. But for some of those runners, it took a New Yorker—Marnie Kunz—to point out the trove of urban artwork just off the raised route. … Kunz, 36, owner and operator of a company called Runstreet, came to Chicago in June to lead an art run much like those she schedules regularly in her home city. Her goal: to share the joy and inspiration she’s found in public art, while bringing together communities of runners and artists who might not otherwise cross paths.


Fine Art Gallery in London’s Mayfair Now Accepts Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies


As a sign of the rising popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, the UK-based Dadiani Fine Art Gallery has begun accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other cryptos as entrance payment.

The art gallery owner Eleesa Dadiani said, “We are combining old world business ethics and practice with the new world of technology the current system is becoming stale and needs to be disrupted.” …



July 9, 2017

The Art Market Has Changed Dramatically—but Is It a Mature Industry?


Five industry insiders, representing various nodes in the marketplace, debated this and other questions about the art market at Art Basel in Basel ...



July 7, 2016

Hobby Lobby Busted for Illegally Importing Thousands of Iraqi Antiquities


… artifacts seized by US Customs and Border Protection officers in 2011 as they were making their way from the United Arab Emirates and Israel to the Oklahoma City headquarters of the arts and crafts retailer Hobby Lobby. … They are just a portion of the over 5,500 artifacts Hobby Lobby attempted to import following its purchase of them in December 2010 for $1.6 million, with the approval of its president, Steve Green.


Chicago's First Video Game Art Gallery Opening Next To The 606


A video game gallery, featuring the work of both local and international video game developers, is slated to open next to The 606's Bloomingdale Trail soon.

After years of doing pop-up exhibits around town, Video Game Art Gallery, or VGA, is taking over an old photography dark room in the Bloomingdale Arts Building at 2418 W. Bloomingdale Ave.



July 6, 2017

Comics and outsider art expert Michael Bonesteel blasts ‘Title IX abuse’ at SAIC

Chicago Reader

Author, art critic, and longtime adjunct assistant professor Michael Bonesteel resigned from the faculty of the School of the Art Institute last month, citing a "toxic environment" that "feels more like a police state than a place where academic freedom and the open exchange of ideas is valued." …


The Artist Behind NYC’s New LGBTQ Monument Hopes “the Gay Community Can See Itself Reflected”


The governor’s office announced Anthony Goicolea as the selected artist whose work celebrates both the strength and resilience of the LGBTQ community, but also its history of loss and hardship.



July 5, 2017

Study Finds Museum Salaries Are Rising Across the Board, Despite Huge Disparities


While salaries rose by 3% in 2016, museum directors are making about nine times what security guards do, according to the Association of Art Museum Directors.


Fahrelnissa Zeid: Inside a major new retrospective of the late artist

The Nation

Western critics marvel at its abstract expressionism. This one image sums up a show as colourful as Zeid's 90-year life. She grew up a member of an elite Ottoman family in Istanbul in the early 20th century and became one of the first women to study art in Turkey. ...


Chicago gallery exhibit explores WWII Japanese internment camps in US

Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago gallery exhibit explores WWII Japanese internment camps in US ... Anthony Hirschel, Alphawood's director of exhibitions, said the show is timed to mark the 75th anniversary of Roosevelt’s infamous Executive Order 9066. ...



July 4, 2017

Famed British painter's 1835 masterpiece to go under the hammerJ.M.W

The National

J.M.W Turner's Ehrenbreitstein will be offered alongside another 10 of his works.

One of the final major paintings by renowned British artist J.M.W Turner will go under the hammer at an Sotheby's auction on July 5.

The art work - Ehrenbreitstein - which has been on public display since July 1, was painted in 1835 at a time when Turner was at his artistic best. … The famed artwork has an estimated value of between £15-25 million (Dh71m-119m) and will be offered alongside another 10 works of art from the painter. …


Superficial form and style don’t make abstract art: Experts

New Delhi, July 3 (IANS) Leading Indian art practitioners have contended that the tendency of modernism in art to focus on style and form does not represent the process of abstraction.

At a talk organised by the Raza Foundation on “Abstraction in Art” in the national capital on Sunday, noted filmmaker Kumar Sahani and animator and screenwriter Ayswarya Sankarnarayanan were on the panel with poet and film-writer Udayan Vajpeyi as the moderator.

The panelists maintained that the process of abstraction is the spiritual experience of an artist in search of deeper meaning to visible material objects, and their attempt to free the viewer’s mind from bias. …


'Portrait of a Bride' tells the story of a market in Jewish art

Religion News Service

“Portrait of a Young Jewish Bride” by Isidor Kaufmann circa 1905 … [is] the premiere offering at Kestenbaum and Company, an auction house in Manhattan devoted solely to a full spectrum of Judaica. Her estimated price: $200,000 to $300,000. …



July 3, 2017

Maria Balshaw: Tate’s northern powerhouse set for the challenge

The Guardian

Balshaw thinks they need to go further; art, in Britain, is not yet for everyone. “We can afford more ambitious targets,” she told the Financial Times. …


Women Artists and Postwar Abstraction at MOMA

Highbrow Magazine

... it is high time these talented and transformative artists find their rightful place in the brash, male-dominated universe of abstract expressionism. …


Machine Creativity Beats Some Modern Art

MIT Technology Review

If machines can outperform humans at playing games and driving cars, can they also produce better art? A new kind of Turing test aims to find out. …


New Open-Source Platform Maps the Provenances of Artworks


Mapping Paintings is an attempt to compile and visualize provenance data for individual artworks, from owners to past locations to details of sales. …  Mapping Paintings is an open-source, searchable platform for compiling provenance data for individual artworks … from owners to past locations to details of sales or transactions.



July 2, 2017

Required Reading


… Kahn’s Salk Institute, problems at MASS MoCA, how should we support scholars who receive online harassment, using art to understand “homosexual” relationships in Ancient Greece, and more.



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