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June 12, 2017

Nancy Spero’s Festival of Death


… Nancy Spero’s “Maypole: Take No Prisoners” (2007) looks almost festive, with dozens of bright red ribbons hanging down and then swooping back up from the 15-foot-tall central pole. But it takes only a slightly longer look to register the 100 aluminum heads attached to those ribbons, as well as the variety of carnage they represent: bloody necks and faces, outstretched tongues, mouths open mid-scream or -vomit. If a dance occurs around this maypole, it’s one of violence and death.

Spero made this stunning work for the Venice Biennale in 2007, just two years before she died. But she first imagined it many decades earlier. …


Celebration of Queer British Art Reminds Us of How Fragile Acceptance Is


Jewish pioneer Simeon Solomon, showcased in the Tate Britain exhibition, was a victim of Britain's anti-gay laws, but produced some groundbreaking work …

As someone who lived in Britain under Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s, it’s hard to explain to London’s contemporary, hedonistic generation how thrilling it is to see the Pride flag flying over that temple of colonialist art, Tate Britain, in honor of the “Queer British Art 1861-1967” exhibit. …


Former Christie’s Rainmaker Brett Gorvy on How He’s Creating a New Power Center in the Gallery World

artnet News

The man who gave Christie's its first billion-dollar week explains his new market strategy …



June 11, 2017

Big Numbers Mask Low Volumes

Harpers Bazaar Arabia

Confidence is up after a dismal 2016 with buyers paying over-the-odds, but emphasis is still on safe works with art historical heft, increasingly by female artists, reports Melanie Gerlis

The international art market is breathing a sigh of relief as 2017 has started with an energy and enthusiasm that was markedly absent the previous year. Eight-digit auction sales and jam-packed art fairs have set the tone, keeping confidence high for the second half of the year. …


How Not to Look at Pictures


… English-language publications of [Robert] Walser have been appearing at an ever-faster rate, to the joy of his admirers … Walser’s voluminous production includes … such masterpieces as “Kleist in Thun” or “The Walk,” … Among the recent contributions to this mass of translations is "Looking at Pictures," both nonfiction and fiction about painting and painters …




June 10, 2017

ART21 Launches ‘Summer of Shorts’ Featuring New Film About Why Chicago Artist Theaster Gates Collects

Culture Type

FOR HIS FIRST EXHIBITION in Milan, Theaster Gates presented “True Value” (July 7-Sept. 25, 2016) which centered around the inventory of a shuttered Chicago hardware store. Installed in an art context, he reimagined the abandoned tools and supplies as a monumental visual display.

An artist who trained as a potter, Gates has become more widely recognized as an urban planner. He is a professor at the University of Chicago, where he directs the Arts + Public Life program. …


Painting found in garage could be a Jackson Pollock worth $15 million


A painting found in an Arizona garage may turn its owner into a multi-millionaire.

The piece of art is believed to be the work of Jackson Pollock, who helped revolutionize the world of modern art in the 20th century. …


Art Movements


… British art dealer Timothy Sammons, the former director of Sotheby’s Chinese art department in New York, could be jailed for 25 years for allegedly stealing over $10 million from clients. Sammons is expected to fight a US extradition request approved by a UK judge. …


Museum of Capitalism Opens Inaugural Exhibition in Oakland on June 17, 2017

The Museum of Capitalism’s inaugural exhibition will open June 17 in Oakland, California. Founded in 2015, the museum is the first of its kind in the United States dedicated to “educating future generations about the ideology, history, and legacy of capitalism” through non-traditional programming. The museum is the result of several years of planning and fundraising by a group of curators, artists, writers, educators, and museum professionals, in consultation with experts in history, economics, and museology. …



June 9, 2017

Is Instagram-Friendly Contemporary Art Killing the Market For Old Masters?

W Magazine

The New York Times reports today that while contemporary art, often made by artists still alive who are able to take advantage of opportunities like collaborate with fashion brands or produce Instagram-friendly tableaus, remains hotter than ever, the market for more traditional art, the kind of things you might see in museums, has dropped off dramatically.


This Tool Makes it Easy to Compare Art From Different Museums

… what if you want to look at more than one museum’s digital images or share them with others?

Until now, that’s involved lots of browser tabs and a sometimes frustrating trip through varying interfaces and image types. But it’s getting even easier to troll through multiple collections and compare what’s inside, reports Shaunacy Ferro for mental_floss, as museums adopt a new technology that frees images from the confines of individual websites.

It’s called the International Image Interoperability Framework, or IIIF, an API that makes digital images more accessible. …




June 8, 2017

Sam Durant Doesn’t Need Defending


In responding to the “Scaffold” controversy in Minneapolis, some art world onlookers have painted the white male artist as the victim. … Sam Durant’s massive sculpture “Scaffold” (2012) has been mostly dismantled in Minneapolis. The wood that formed its composite of seven gallows — re-creations of those used for as many executions sanctioned by the US government — has been removed, and its concrete base and steel structure will go next.  …


Helen Frankenthaler, AFTER ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONISM, 1959–1962

NY Arts Magazine

Gagosian is pleased to present “Helen Frankenthaler: After Abstract Expressionism, 1959–1962.” The first major exhibition of Frankenthaler’s work in Paris in more than fifty years, it includes paintings and works on paper, several of which have not been exhibited since the early 1960s. …



June 7, 2017

Artist Transforms Her Morgan Park Garage Into Gallery


 Susannah Papish  …[t]he Morgan Park artist has transformed the two-car garage into an art gallery known as "boundary." The inaugural show will be held from 6-9 p.m. Saturday at in garage at 2334 W. 111th Place.

Papish is coordinating the show with Larry Lee, a fellow artist and colleague at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. For the opening show, the pair will showcase the work of John Dodge, a Canaryville artist. …


Afro-Latina artist reimagines Michelangelo's "The Creation of Adam"

America Magazine

… Harmonia Rosales’s “The Creation of God” is striking. … Like Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam,” Rosales’s painting portrays the creation of humankind. However, the skin tones, gender and story being depicted by the artist are strikingly different.

In Rosales’s painting, God is a black grandmother who creates a humanity in her image, while beautiful, black angels surround her. The artist depicts Adam through the root of the word, adamah, which is feminine. …



June 6, 2017

From Pots to Posters and the Press, UK Artists Use Everything They Can to Oppose Theresa May


With polling day just two days away, artists like Jeremy Deller, Grayson Perry, and Banksy are having their say. …


Small works attract big prices at Sotheby's Impressionist and Modern art sales

Sotheby’s is packing a lot into its London summer sales of Impressionist and Modern art. Not only is it thinking big with some highly estimated works, around £20 million each, by Kandinsky, Giacometti and Miro — bringing the estimate up to £148 to £195 million, or more than 50 per cent higher than last summer — but it is also thinking small. …


Perpetuating the Idea that Modernism Triumphed by Appropriating “Tribal” Art


For all the scholarly expertise employed, an exhibition at Almine Rech Gallery comes off as an exasperating magical negro narrative. …


In a fractured world, Eurovisions opens a dialogue through art

The Conversation AU

… what sense can we talk now about a European vision? If there is a unifying message to be found in EuroVisions: Contemporary Art from the Goldberg Collection, on show at the National Art School Gallery, it might be that the great power of contemporary art is its ability to create and exchange dialogues, rather than dictate narratives. …



June 5, 2017

Paintings About the Intersection of Architecture and White Privilege


NEW HAVEN — The topic for Chris Barnard has always been white supremacy, and the way in which it invades much of our living space in stealth mode. It is not just the external manifestation of racial violence that floods the daily news, but rather the process through which structures of power associated with whiteness become embedded in the cultural imagination, the rule of the law, and ultimately, what is seen as historical truth. …


Art imitates art? Damien Hirst’s Venice Biennale installation looks a lot like another’s


The talk of this May’s Venice Biennale was not the brilliant idea of a great artist but rather the brilliant idea of two great artists who happened to have had the exact same idea. It’s an awkward sort of moment …


The mysterious working of the art market


Is art a sound investment? A canvas by Jean-Michel Basquiat purchased in 1984 for $19,000 was auctioned in May for $110.4 million. A compounded annual growth rate of 30% for 33 years running. … [A] new world auction record for Tyeb Mehta was achieved on 25 May with a canvas from his Rickshaw Puller series selling at Christie’s London for Rs22.9 crore / $3.55 million.


The Gray Market: What Art Basel Can Learn From a Flawed Study on Gallery Bias (and Other Insights)

artnet News

… On Wednesday, we in the art media caught wind of a new buffet of gallery-sector data, all served up by an unexpected source: CUNY Guttman professor James Case-Leal and the undergrads in his Spring 2017 course “Arts in NYC.” Somewhat grandiosely dubbed Haven for the Dispossessed, the online home for the collected numbers charts the age, race, gender, nationality, and education of roughly 1,300 living artists represented by what Case-Leal deemed the “top 45 commercial galleries in New York,” circa autumn 2016. …



June 4, 2017

Serious Play: An Interview with Sam Cornish


In Britain, specifically, there has been a tendency to link artistic production to a festive attitude that marked the decade as a whole, melding it with a broader cultural image of “Swinging London.” Kaleidoscope: Color and Sequence in 1960s British Abstract Art draws on works held in the Art Council Collection to make a focused appraisal of such assumptions. … Sam Cornish, one of its organisers, is an independent curator based in London. …


At the Venice Biennale 2017: the Iraqi Pavilion

The National

The first vitrine of the Iraq Pavilion at the Venice Art Biennale is a selection of anything but contemporary works. In fact, these objects date back thousands of years. … Yet the rest of the pavilion’s art in the Palazzo Cavalli-Franchetti on the Grand Canal is new – either from the second half of the 20th century, or commissioned for the 2017 Biennale. …


Why Eliminating the National Endowment for the Arts Would Hurt Rural Americans the Most


The NEA, which the Trump administration has proposed to fully defund, has long been accused of primarily serving coastal elites, when in fact the opposite is true. …


Alice Guy-Blaché, the First Woman Filmmaker


Alice Guy-Blaché is recognized as the first woman filmmaker, going back to an 1896 silent short, but her career remains unsung in the history of cinema. …


This Month in Chicago, June 2017

Visual Art Source

Listing of 12 important gallery shows for the month of June.


A Brief History of Triumph, a Short-Lived Chicago Gallery that Might Still Be


[Ryan] Coffey and [Ruslana] Lichtzier opened Triumph in a Pilsen storefront near their home in January out of necessity. When a partner space fell through as they had four exhibitions in the making, the curator-artist couple quickly found a nearby space to show the works that they had already promised to exhibit. …


Going to Hell in Berlin, with Lu Yang


BERLIN — With her current exhibition at Société, Lu Yang has morphed the Berlin gallery into a torch-lit realm, where imagination and game space meld like a funhouse of the damned. …



June 3, 2017

Yale Center for British Art adds online collection of images into international system for research

Yale News

The Yale Center for British Art has now made available through its online collection nearly 70,000 images of works of art in the public domain that are compliant with the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF).

IIIF is a technology framework that supports enriched image use, including comparing, manipulating, and annotating multiple images within and across collections. …


Grayson Perry, British Personality and Provocateur, Is Opening “The Most Popular Art Exhibition Ever!”

W Magazine

The first ceramicist to win the Turner Prize, in 2003, Grayson Perry has long subverted established artistic forms, adorning pots and tapestries with scenes of child abuse, sadomasochism, and girls with penises popping from their dresses. “I’m a very traditional artist; that’s part of the recipe of my work,” says the provocateur, whose survey of recent work, “The Most Popular Art ­Exhibition Ever!” opens at the Serpentine Gallery in London’s Kensington Gardens next week, on June 8 (through September 10, 2017). … Currently the gallery is loaning work by Claude Monet, Pablo Picasso, Francis Bacon and other luminaries to an exhibition in Monza , Italy, reflecting the depth of a collection that also includes contemporary South African art and traditional artifacts from southern Africa. …


A top African art gallery struggles to keep its footing


JOHANNESBURG (AP) — At one of Africa’s premier art galleries, thieves have stolen roof copper to sell for scrap, the telephones and security cameras don’t work and half the exhibition space is closed and awaiting repairs. …


Why we stay: Notable Chicagoans talk about why they call city home [Marcos Raya]

Chicago Tribune

Five decades after an influx of Mexican immigrants into Pilsen sparked a culture war that turned the working-class neighborhood into a hotbed of activism, celebrated muralist Marcos Raya has retained an inner flame, though many of the old battle lines have changed.

Raya, the godfather of the city's Mexican-American political mural movement, has for many years called the South Side neighborhood home. …


Yeats makes double the estimate as art market rebounds

The Irish Times

… Gillian Bowler’s Jack B Yeats landscape Early Morning, Cliffony romped past its estimate of €25,000 to €35,000 to achieve a hammer price of €70,000. …



June 2, 2017

Artist Bridget Riley shows her true colours

The Press

Maria Timperi and Sofia Jonsson have flown in from Riley's British studio to install her artwork in Christchurch …


Salvador Dali's Jesus on offer at Bonhams auction

Inspire Magazine

Salvador Dali's 1962 painting Coeur-Sacré de Jésus is offered at Bonhams Impressionist and Modern Art Sale, 22 June at Bonhams New Bond Street, London. Coeur-Sacré de Jésus is estimated at £800,000-£1.2m. …


Raising questions: Who should write about art in Alaska?

Anchorage Press

… who should be allowed to artistically render political and social issues. For instance, should a white artist be allowed to paint/write issues pertaining to minorities? …


The careers of Philip Guston

The Economist (blog)

IN PHILIP GUSTON’s “bed paintings”, on show at Venice’s Accademia, he and his wife huddle under the blankets—an old couple, here clinging to each other, there sleeping peacefully side by side. The tenderness of the works comes as a surprise, given that they’re painted in the curious, cartoonlike style that Guston developed in the late 1960s, and continued to work with for the rest of his life.  …


The Snowman as Modern Art

The New Yorker

Anyone who has been to art school knows the groundbreaking work of the Swiss artists Peter Fischli and David Weiss, whose titillating Rube Goldberg-esque videos often wake students from their lecture-room slumber. Recently, Fischli, dressed in all black, stood on the chilly roof of the Art Institute of Chicago along with two museum employees and a snowman. Everyone was smiling—thanks to Fischli, who has been changing the snowman’s facial expression daily. …


What Artists Can Learn From A Michelle Obama Mural


In April, after months of fundraising, Chicago artist and urban developer Chris Devins installed a mural of Michelle Obama depicted as an Egyptian queen.

"The artist part of me was just in love with the image," Devins said. "And I knew that it was the right image at the right place at the right time."

But he might've had the wrong approach: The image wasn't his, and he took some heat for it. The original image belonged to artist Gelila Mesfin. …


VMFA announces new contemporary art curator

Valerie Cassel Oliver has been named the new curator of modern and contemporary art at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. She will join the VMFA on July 7.

Cassel Oliver will replace John Ravenal, who was at the VMFA from 1998 to 2014 and became the director of the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum in Lincoln, Mass. in 2015. …


The Biggest-Selling Artist at Auction Is a Name You May Not Know

New York Times

If asked, “Who is the biggest-selling artist at auction?” few people in the art world would answer “Zhang Daqian.”

But works by this Chinese modernist painter, who died in 1983, generated $354.8 million in auction sales last year — $31 million more than Picasso, who weighed in at No. 2, according to the French database Artprice. …


Choctaw artist Patta LT named 2017 Red Earth Honored One

Choctaw artist Patta LT, of Norman, has been named the 2017 Red Earth Honored One, an award bestowed upon a Native American master visual artist whose support of American Indian art has been substantial throughout his or her life.

She will be recognized during the annual Red Earth Festival June 9-11 at the Cox Convention Center in downtown Oklahoma City. …


May 31, 2017

New Exhibitions at Lubeznik Center for theArts

From June 10 through October 14, Lubeznik Center for the Arts will feature two new exhibitions: Home and Anonymous Women. Home is a national-juried exhibition that explores the concept of home in all media. … In conjunction with Home, LCA is exhibiting photographer Patty Carroll's striking series, Anonymous Women, about becoming the dwelling itself; experiencing the double edge of domesticity. …


Cult-Heroine Mathematician Becomes A Work Of Art At New Chicago Hotel


Emmy Noether isn't a household name, even thought the cult-hero German mathematician ought to be. But at a new Chicago hotel, Noether—who battled persecution and sexism to help establish Einstein's Theory of Relativity—is not only well known, she's something of a patron saint. …


Promising signs for the Modern British art market

June is going to be a busy month for the market in Modern British art with at least six specialised auctions scheduled to take place throughout the UK. So far this year, the omens for this market have been promising. … At Henry Adams in Chichester, a flower painting by Lucian Freud’s teacher, Cedric Morris, estimated at £30,000, sold for £165,000. …



May 30, 2017

After Protests from Native American Community, Walker Art Center Will Remove Public Sculpture


MINNEAPOLIS — Less than a week before the Walker Art Center was scheduled to open its newly renovated sculpture garden, it announced that one of the major new works added to the park will be removed. … “Scaffold,” … depicts seven different historical gallows used in hangings sanctioned by the US government between 1859 and 2006. One of the gallows the piece represents was used to hang 38 Native men in Mankato, Minnesota at the end of the US-Dakota War of 1862 …


‘The first ROSC exhibition was by all accounts a seismic event’

Apollo Magazine

[The] Royal Hospital in Kilmainham, Dublin, … has been home to the Irish Museum of Modern Art (IMMA) since its establishment in 1991. Three years previously it was one of the venues for the last of the ROSC art exhibitions … which ran from 1967–88. More than a simple coincidence of venue, these two events — the discontinuation of ROSC and the establishment of IMMA — were intimately connected. …


Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival offers 10 days of art installations, free concerts, artist market

A cell phone disco, artist-designed bike racks, comic book-inspired posters, recycle art collection, an industrial robot, bronze hand-casted magnolia trees and an artist-designed water fountain dispensing still and sparkling water are among the visual art exhibitions at this year’s Three Rivers Arts Festival. …


Seven Year Itch


Puerto Rico rejoins the art fair fray with the inaugural Mercado Caribeño International Art Fair (MECA), the nation’s first significant art move in seven years … In efforts to reinvigorate the Caribbean art market, which last saw … [a] contemporary art fair take place in 2010, MECA aims to foster a more collector friendly environment with accessible local art. …


Is it art or is it trash? Jeff Gillette wants you to stomp through his ‘art landfill’

Los Angeles Times

It’s where the artist has created what he calls “an art landfill.” … juxtaposing art and garbage to make a statement about the subjective nature of the art market.


Where to find Chicago's latest public art installations


There have been some notable additions to the city's public art offerings since last summer, including a permanent installation designed by Yoko Ono and a couple of giant figures with their heads raised toward the sky. …



May 29, 2017

Sotheby’s Adds Three Masterpieces to Imp/Mod Sale in London


Sotheby’s will be looking to repeat the headline-making results of its recent Impressionist and Modern art sales in New York when it turns its focus to London in June. Having already announced Wassily Kandinsky’s Expressionist masterpiece “Murnau – Landschaft mit grünem Haus” (est. £15-25 million) as one of the highlights of its Impressionist and Modern Art Evening Sale in London on June 21, Sotheby’s has revealed another three major lots that will be auctioned on the night. …


Temporal Nomads: The Scandal of Postmodern History Painting

Brooklyn Rail

James F. Cooper has identified a new wave of realist painting constituting a revival of 19th-century history painting.1 There is indeed a return to something resembling history painting among many artists today. …


History Painting and the Problem with Art Education

Brooklyn Rail

… it’s undeniable at this point that there is an explosion of new realism across the country, and at least some signs of a revival of history painting and monumental figurative sculpture. One need only look at two recent commissions for public works of art for the painter Adam Miller and sculptor Sabin Howard to see a return to the epic Grand Manner of the Baroque and Renaissance masters. …


May 28, 2017

Exile in (artistic) Guyville: We gotta fight for our right to parity


Women-only art shows aren't helping the pursuit of gender justice in the art world. In some ways, they even hurt it …


World art market agog as billionaires buy masterpieces

The Australian

The art world was stunned this month when a Japanese billionaire paid Sotheby’s $US110.5 million ($148.3m) for a Jean-Michel Basquiat painting of a black skull.

The purchase reset the record for a US artist at auction and infused the beleaguered art market with a shot of adrenaline. Now, the Basquiat’s newcomer buyer — e-commerce mogul Yusaku Maezawa, 41 — is getting a closer look by the art establishment. …


Art is not only an investment it's also beauty — Kavita Chellaram

Guardian (blog)

Wait for it, just four days ago, a piece of art by a Nigerian artist was sold for a whopping N54.05 million. Yes, good things can come with a work of art, and this is how far the Nigerian art market has grown. And, it is poised to grow further, if Kavita Chelleram’s Arthouse Contemporary has anything to do with it. …



May 27, 2017

British Modern Masters Explored In New York Exhibition At Rosenberg & Co.


Rosenberg & Co.’s current exhibition British Modern Masters presents the artistic release of the emotional build up of what British artists had seen or perhaps done during [World War II].  Marianne Rosenberg, the curator and gallery owner, said she hopes ‘British Modern Masters’ will illuminate the various ways post-war British artists creatively seized a long-awaited moment of peace. …


Menil show looks at how abstract-artist friendships shaped works genre

Houston Chronicle

The story of abstract art in America has long focused on the male stars of the New York School, the giants of abstract expressionism including Jackson Pollock and Willem de Kooning, who sought to convey emotion rather than form. The influential women in their midst, including Helen Frankenthaler and Pollock's wife, Lee Krasner, have only recently begun to get their due. …


Postmodern Conservative

First Things (blog)

In one of the many obituaries for Peter Augustine Lawler, Yuval Levin reviews Lawler's case for “postmodern conservatism.”…


Fragile diaspora art market challenge for Africa-based artists

The Guardian (blog)

From the record sale of a painting by late expressionist painter, Jean-Michel Basquiat; to the magical rise in Njideka Akunyili Crosby’s art market value; and performance of over 78 lots sold at Sotheby’s debut art auction of modern and Contemporary African art, the dynamics of art market has exposed a frightened fragility of most artists based in Africa. …


How the Cult Modernist Painter Florine Stettheimer Sabotaged Her Own Art Market

artnet News

Florine Stettheimer (1871–1944) may be the most important Modernist painter you’ve never heard of. A member of New York’s elite artistic circle between the First and Second World Wars, the painter and socialite made no effort to promote her work during her lifetime. …


A Lean Spring

Handelsblatt Global Edition (subscription)

The German art market is suffering. Judging by the supply at German spring auctions, the spring season will be a lean one marked with a lack of important works and a significant decline in supply and sales. The numbers indicate a season of curbed growth as art collectors look elsewhere and the German art market, which makes up 2 percent of the world market, comes to term with new laws that put the onus on the sellers to ensure a piece of art didn’t illegally pass through the hands of Nazis. …



May 24, 2017

Artcurial announces highlights from its Impressionist & Modern Art Sale


While this year celebrates the centenary of Auguste Rodin's death (1840-1917), the prestigious Impressionist and modern art auctions held on the 30th and 31st May will include Andromède, a rare marble sculpture with an extraordinary history. …


Július Koller One Man Anti Show


Museion, in cooperation with mumok — Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien and the Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava, presents the largest ever retrospective devoted to Július Koller (Piestany, Slovakia, 1939–Bratislava, 2007). Koller was one of the most important Eastern European artists working from the 1960s onwards and his art had, and continues to have, considerable international significance. …


Judy Chicago on the Beatles: 'They represent things we have lost — hope and freedom'

The Guardian

When American artist Judy Chicago accepted an invitation earlier this year from the Tate to paint a large-scale public mural as part of Liverpool’s Sgt Pepper at 50 celebration of the Beatles’ most popular album, she was amused to hear of an exchange between two of the curators involved in the project. One of them said, “What is Judy going to do? Paint a giant vagina?” The other replied, “I hope so.” …


See Paintings Stolen in Greatest Art Heist in US History

NBC Chicago

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston doubled its reward Tuesday for information that leads to the return of 13 works of art stolen in the largest art heist in U.S. history. …


What the Chicago Architecture Biennial's list of firms tells us about the upcoming biennial

The Architect's Newspaper

With only one previous iteration, it seems impossible not to continuously compare the upcoming 2017 Chicago Architecture Biennial to its predecessor. And that does not have to be a bad thing. During a panel discussion during the inaugural 2015 Biennial, British architect Sam Jacob was asked what the theme of next biennial should be. His response? In sum: Just do the exact same theme. That way, not only can we see the progress of the field over two years, but then we will also have two events that can be compared, apples to apples. His statement, though somewhat in jest, seems to have been, at least in part, prophetic. …


The Octopus Eats Its Own Leg

Chicago Daily Observer

Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art is opening a retrospective exhibit of Takashi Murakami’s works titled “The Octopus Eats its Own Leg” — a creepy variation on “the snake swallows its own tail” — but both images strike me as perfect metaphors for what Donald Trump is doing to himself. …


Questions of truth in postmodern thought

Winnipeg Free Press

On occasion, an academic becomes so preoccupied with his own ideological convictions that he becomes blinded by them. Such is the case with University of Toronto psychology professor Jordan Peterson. His great obsession with postmodernism — the belief that interpretations of reality are contingent — was on display during an episode of The Joe Rogan Experience, a podcast on which Peterson’s views recently garnered widespread interest with more than one million views in just four days. …


Scandal! Innuendo! Flipping! Kenny Schachter's Inside Scoop on the May

artnet News

Our columnist attended the evening sales in New York and got an earful—and eyeful—of market shenanigans to report. … Auctions are a bustling souk, a feral flip-fest for buying and reselling art. Pre-sale viewings, on the contrary, are the calm before the storm: often as airily vacant as a cathedral (or a temple with a till) …




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