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March 11, 2018

When a Painting Becomes an Incantation


Douglas Florian’s choice of words reminds us how much our nation indulges in name-calling and name checks.


How Saudi artists are capturing the spirit of a kingdom in the process of radical reform

The Independent

‘Saudi Cultural Days’, an exhibition at Phillips auction house in London, explored political and cultural themes through a multitude of mediums, including photography and VR.


March 10, 2018

Women wanted: massive UK parade to honour the suffragettes

Art Newspaper (blog)

As of today, International Women's Day (8 March), women and girls across the UK can sign up to participate in the country's biggest-ever participatory work of art—a celebration of 100 years since the first British women got the vote.  …


Alice Neel Beat the Art Market by Sticking to Her Aesthetic

Mainline Today

Once rejected by critics, the Colwyn (Wales) native’s paintings now sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars.


The mirage of riches in museums’ vaults

Art Newspaper

Putting aside museum ethics, Martin Gammon looks at the financial viability of museums deaccessioning their collection as a quick fix for financial trouble


March 9, 2018

Tate artist in residence quits, claiming gallery is failing women

The Guardian

An artist has resigned from her position as an artist in residence at the Tate in protest at how she believes it and other arts institutions are failing women when it comes to combating sexual harassment and fostering diversity.




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