Recent Online Reviews and Features

Posted 4/9/2020

Artoma: The Art of Cancer
At Chicago Art Department, Chicago. Michael Gallagher, Eileen Powers, Nancy VanKanegan, Barbara Youngquist,, Richard Zeid. (review)

Posted 4/52020

Different for Girls: “Touch Your Mirror” Reflects on Female Adolescence
At EXTRA Projects, Chicago. Jessica Frances Martin and Taylor Morgan.

Posted 4/12/2020

“Chicago Streets and Ways”
At Hofheimer Gallery, Chicago,  through April 25, 2020. William Dolan and Karen Perl. (review)


Posted 4/28/2020

Human or Man-Made Material: “The Allure of Matter” Visits Chicago
At Wrightwood 659 and the Smart Museum, Chicago. (review)

Posted 5/22/2020

“Legacy of Decency. Rembrandt, the Jews and the Danes”
At Elverhøj Museum of History and Art, Solvang, CA. (review)

Posted 5/23/2020

“Desmadre Berlin”
Norbert Bisky

At Galerie Templon, Paris

(online exhibition review)

Posted 5/31/2020

Nate Lewis: "Latent Tapestries"
At Fridman Gallery, NYC
(online exhibition review)

Posted 5/27/2020

Virtual Visual Culture
Emelia Lehmann examines the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on three major chicago institutions. (feature)

Posted 6/5/2020

Covid-19 vs. The Art Field
Phil Barcio examines the effects of the coronavirus  pandemic on the the alternative arts scene in Chicago. (feature)


Culture in Quarantine: Seven Interviews from Chicago

Interviews Introduction

Evan Carter interviewed seven Chicago art world members about being confined due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are the first three. the next four will appear next quarter.

Posted 6/16/2020

The Plague Review
K.A. Letts examines the first issue of The Plague Review, an online publication by Rotland Press devoted to the artistic response to the cornavirs pandemic.

Posted 4/5//2020

Walls of Prophecy and Protest: William Walker and the Roots of a Revolutionary Public Art Movement
by Jeff W. Hubner, Northwestern University Press. Book Review. (review)

Posted 1/29/2020

At Siblings, Chicago, from December 13, 2019 through January 18, 2020. Matt Morris, curator. (review)



March/April  2020

"Down by Line"

At One After 909 Gallery, Chicago

Point, Line, and Plane: Andrea Zittel's Spatial Investigations
At Carnegie Mellon's Miller Institute of Contemporary Art, Pittsburgh

Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Arts—Faculty Showcase
At Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Arts, Chicago

Intuiting the Figure

At Intuit Gallery, Chicago

"Stolen Sisters"

At Crossman Gallery, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Crossman Gallery, Whitewater, Wisconsin

Process and Ritual

At the Renaissance Society, University of Chicago

Rumor Gives It: Encountering the Museum of Jurassic Technology in the Capitalocene

At the Museum of Jurassic Technology, Culver City, California

January/February 2020

November/December 2019

Objects Redux: 50 Years of Craft Legacy

Racine Art Museum, Racine Wisc.

A Dreamer in a City of May Dreams

Matthew Rachman GAllery, Chicago

September/October 2019

Tetsuya Noda:
Soft and Simple Depth

Andrew Bae Gallery, Chicago

"Figures of Speech"

Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

Childhood Mythologies

form & concept, Santa Fe, New Mexico

July/August 2019

The Importance of Small Moves

James Nares at the Milwaukee Art Museum


"Time Share" and "Warm Welcome"

at Monaco Gallery, St. Louis


Encountering "William Counter:

Simple Spells"

at Firecat Projects, Chicago


"Joel-Peter Witkin: From the Studio" at Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago



at Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago


May/June 2019

A Blueprint for Our Future Selves

Wrightwood 659, Chicago


Something New from a Hairy Who   Karl Wirsum at

Corbett vs. Dempsey, Chicago


"Andy Paczos: The Eye and
 the Hand"

Ed Paschke Art Center, Chicago


Siblings Has a Kindling Feeling

Siblings (formerly the Condo Association), Chicago




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