Letter from the Editor

May 1, 2017


Dear Reader,


This issue institutes a change in the organization and leadership of the New Art Examiner. Due to unresolved administrative issues between the U.S. and United Kingdom editors who generate the magazine’s content, the New Art Examiner will no longer carry articles that originate from the UK.

As a result, our leadership has also changed. There is no longer an individual called the Publisher. That role is reserved for our sponsoring not-for-profit organization, Art Message International. As Editor-in-Chief, I will be shepherding the New Art Examiner through the challenges of bringing its content up-to-date and taking its distribution system into the 21st century, i.e. electronic information distribution—the internet.

We start with updating the content of the Examiner. The magazine will be more current about cultural and political issues that are affecting the art world.  For example, in this issue, we have introduced a special section on Gender Politics in Art to coincide with Gay Pride Month in June. The section contains an essay by Larry Kamphausen titled “Gender Identity and the Male Gaze” and two reviews of the "ARTAIDSAMERICA Chicago" exhibition.

One by Michel Ségard is titled “The Anguish of Remembering” and views the exhibition as a memorial to the early days of the AIDS epidemic from the point of view of a senior who lived through it. The other, titled “Under-Representing an American Tragedy,” was written by Thomas Feldhacker, our social media editor. As a millennial, he searches for the necessary attention the ongoing epidemic needs for those most affected by it today, a situation he felt was lacking in the exhibition.

We will be assembling special sections on current, relevant topics as the opportunity arises. For example, we would like to do a special section on racial politics in the arts in the near future. Another highly relevant topic is the emergence of alternative distribution networks for artists.

We have made a tentative start to covering that topic with Bruce Thorn’s essay on Gallery Weekend Chicago 2017. Also, there are a number of alternative artists groups who are almost never covered because they do not show in major galleries. We are making a commitment to go to them and report on and review their efforts, good or bad.

Of course we will continue to cover the deeds and misdeeds of major institutions and galleries. But they will not be the dominant focus of our editorial content as so often they’ve been in the past. In the tradition of co-founder Jane Addams Allen, our goal is to make the Examiner a truly open forum for the discussion and exploration of contemporary issues in the visual arts via the publication of provocative articles, reviews and lively letters to the editor.

Finally, the Examiner is entering a new distribution stage. Confronting the increasing shift of information dissemination via the internet, we are creating a new website,, where all content will be free. That site will be online in early May.

Subscriptions hereafter will be only for those wishing a printed copy of the magazine. Subscription payment will be made possible via PayPal. The print version of the magazine will still be available at as many outlets as possible. In this issue, our present outlets are listed below.

We hope, dear reader, that these changes meet with your approval. We trust that you will let us know your verdict via your letters and through social media on our Facebook page. We will strive to meet your visual arts information and analysis needs. Here’s looking to tomorrow!



Michel Ségard


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