Art and Politics

The Art of the Black Lives Matter Movement
BLM related street and wall murrals from around the country.

It Can Happen Here
Stephen Eisenman and artist Sue Coe examine the similarities between Germany in the 1930s and today's political atmosphere.

Have You Given Up Hope for a Cure?

Paul Moreno recounts the history of art by the artist collective Gran Fury in conjunction with ACT UP in the AIDS protest movement of the 1980s and '90s.

In Tennessee, Art Itself is Protest

Kelli Wood examines the response of Tennesee artists to the current political turmoil.

Iconoclasm Then and Now

Tom Noble analyzes iconoclasm since the eighth century and how it has been expressed in art.

Oakwood Memorial
A look at the memorial for Confed-erate prisoners of war that died at Fort Douglas during the Civil War.

Artists and COVID-19 Part II
Stevie Hanley, and Patric McCoy discuss their experiences during the pandemic.

Stevie Hanley             Patric McCoy


Summer Quarter (Jul./Aug./Sep.) 2020 Online Features

Autumn Quarter (Oct./Nov./Dec.) 2020 Online Features

Art Redistributed?


Money Moves for the Alternative Art World
NATO THOMPSON offers his clear-eyed view on fine art and money, pointing to the D.C. hardcore scene as a model for alternative systems.

Art Handler Confidential
An anonymous art handler tells all, shining a light on exploitation, inequality, and greed in the industry.

The Money Power and Art
DIANE THODOS critiques neoliberalism, explaining how current economic realities have undermined progress in the visual arts.

The Murals of Łódź
Poland's city of  Łódź is replete with murals that have been installed as public art, not as political propaganda.

Nine Lives: Remembering
Paul Klein

On Paul Klein's Death in October, Neil Goodman recalls his career as a galleryist and mentor.

Essay'd: A New Model for Art Writing
An arts writing project that aims to provide cultural context and critical coverage through "cultural crowd-sourcing."

Artists and COVID-19 Part III
Jessica Campblell, and Carlos Flores discuss their experiences during the pandemic.

Jessican Campbell    Carlos Flores


March/April 2020


January/February 2020 (There are no articles in this issue.)

November/December 2019

art beyond ART

Theme Introduction

A Conversation About Shadows: An Interview with David Travis

Display Mode: Exhibiting Video Games as Art, History

A Question for Performance Art:

What Can One Do with a Past?

Expo Chicago 2019 Review

Works that Caught Our Eye

Untitled Ninth Piece: An Elegy to Lawrence Steger

Yesterday's House of Tomorrow

September/October 2019


Theme Introduction

"…and other such stories":
Re-Framing the Narrative of Contemporary Architecture

Sublime for Modern Times: Tara Donovan at the Smart Museum

Deep Humanity: The Drawings of Martin Beck

"Implicit Tensions: Mapplethorpe Now"

"After Stonewall, 1969-1989"


July/August 2019

Chicago Galleries on the Move: Gallerists Tell Us Why

West Town:
New Art District
Why Dealers Move or Stay

About Face:
Stonewall, Revolt, and New Queer Art


Chicago's Changing Gallery Scene

Missing: An Art Community

Art Transcending
PC Propaganda:
Whitney Biennial 2019


LGBTQ Pride: Are We Growing Too Comfortable?

Are We Growing Queerer and Queerer?

Works That Caught Our Eye

Works not part of an exhibition being reviewed

May/June 2019

Public Art: Old Models, New Forms

The Future of Chicago Public Art Forms

Different Entry Points to Art in the Public Realm

Public Art's Share of Public Controversy

Public Art and Architecture's Ideal Partnership

Uplifting Sculpture Is All Around You: Chicago Sculpture Exhibit

The Once and Future City:
Public Art in Detroit




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