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The New Art Examiner's Quarterly Theme

As announced, the New Art Examiner has changed format from a bimonthly to a quarterly journal with a quarterly theme. Our Summer quarter theme will be announced next week. The Spring quarter print version is available in the PDF (Vol 35 No 4) on our Archive page which can be downloaded for free.

The Spring quarter, Outside In, was devoted to art centers around the greater Chicago area, including Milwaukee, suburban Chicago area, and Northwest Indiana. We looked at the artistic production activity in these areas. Future quarters will be devoted to other art centers around the country that are not part of a major metropolitan area. The print version (Vol 35 No 4) will be available in mid July. In the meantime, check this site for articles and reviews, all of which have been posted.

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Spring Quarter (April/May/June) 2021 Features

Outside In

Da Region
NEIL GOODMAN chronicles the Northwest Indiana art scene.

Water Street Studios
MICHEL SÉGARD visits this thriving artists' complex in Batavia Illinois, examining the art they produce.

Sculpture Milwaukee 2021
DANIELLE PASWATERS looks at the evolution of this innovative sculpture show.

Remembering two Chicago art world luminaries, Helmut Yahn and Karl Wirsum.

Spring Quarter (April/May/June) 2021 Reviews

On Being and Becoming:
"Mise en Abyme"

KA LETTS reviews Rachel Pontious’ solo show at Playground Detroit.

Telling Their Stories: ‘Artfields’
Lake City, SC 2021

PETER CHAMETZKY focuses on this year's Artfields exhibition.

EXPO CHICAGO Online 2021
EVAN CARTER compares this virtual fair to the physical fairs of past years.

Gary Burnley at Elizabeth Houston Gallery, NYC
ALISON MARTIN reviews Gary Burnley's "In the Language of My Captor" exhibition that addresses racial history.

"Journey's in Place" Fiber Art by Carole Harris at Hill Gallery, Birmingham, MI
K.A. LETTS explores Harris's new work that uses Joomchi the Korean technique of  making textured and colored paper.

Justin Marshall: "The End"
KA LETTS reviews Marshall's paintings about 21st Century Detroit on view at Public Pool in Hamtramck, MI

Special Pride Month Reviews

PAUL MORENO puts Ford's "Love and Jump Back" photography show at Mitchell Algus Gallery in historical context for Pride Month.

"Dancing in Real Life,"
Paintings by Yannis Tsarouchis

MICHEL SÉGARD analyses the work of this important Greek LGBTQ+ artist in whose work Platonism and Orthodox Christian clash.

Winter Quarter (Jan./Feb./Mar.) 2021 Features

Digital Freedom or Silicon Serfdom


On Art and Social Media:
An Interview with Doug Aitken

NATHAN WORCESTER talks to artist and filmmaker Doug Aitken about Instagram, the history of the moving image, and more.

"Never Still in the Wind":
An Interview with Gary Justis
NEIL GOODMAN interviews fellow sculptor Gary Justis as they reflect on Gary’s half-century career as a tech-focused artist

Three Artists Engage with
Digital Technology

K.A. LETTS shows us how 3 young artists are critically engaging with digital technology and the Internet.

Computational Curating:
Tech Meets Object
KELLI WOOD interviews two Duke University professors who are using scientific imaging to explore new forms of artistic curation.

Winter Quarter (Jan./Feb./Mar.) 2021 Reviews

"New Work/New Year"
MARIWYN CURTIN examines pandemic-influenced production from 15 artists at the David Klein Gallery in Detroit.

Warriors of the Apocalypse
NATHAN WORCESTER takes in Bryan Sperry’s dystopian vision at the artist’s Pilsen studio and gallery.

Other Hues of Blue: A Pandemic-Era Biennial in Atlanta

TENLEY BICK reviews the Atlanta Biennial, which encompasses a broader definition of contemporary work and concerns in the American Southeast.

"Paint Piles" by Natalie Lanese

K.A. LETTS considers the work of leading Ohio artist Natalie Lanese at River House Arts in Toledo.

"Image Workers" at Elastic Arts

EVAN CARTER explores Robert Chase Heishman’s outsourced image production at Elastic Arts.

"Already Gone" Seven Paintings by Adam Daley Wilson

MICHEL SEGARD discusses the embedded political meanings of Adam Daley Wilson's work at Chicago's Aspect/Ratio.

Autumn Quarter (Oct./Nov./Dec.) 2020 Online Features

Art Redistributed?

Money Moves for the Alternative Art World
NATO THOMPSON offers his clear-eyed view on fine art and money, pointing to the D.C. hardcore scene as a model for alternative systems.

Art Handler Confidential
An anonymous art handler tells all, shining a light on exploitation, inequality, and greed in the industry.

The Money Power and Art
DIANE THODOS critiques neoliberalism, explaining how current economic realities have undermined progress in the visual arts.

The Murals of Łódź
Poland's city of  Łódź is replete with murals that have been installed as public art, not as political propaganda.

Nine Lives: Remembering
Paul Klein

On Paul Klein's Death in October, Neil Goodman recalls his career as a galleryist and mentor.

Essay'd: A New Model for Art Writing
An arts writing project that aims to provide cultural context and critical coverage through "cultural crowd-sourcing."

Artists and COVID-19 Part III
Jessica Campblell, and Carlos Flores discuss their experiences during the pandemic.

Jessican Campbell    Carlos Flores


Autumn Quarter (Oct./Nov./Dec.) 2020  Reviews

These Precedented Times

Ongoingness in the Los Angeles Piñata District through Dulce Soledad Ibarra’s “9th to Olympic”


"Graft" Edra Soto at the MCP

Edra Soto’s “Graft,” an exhibition
 at the Museum of Contemporary Photography.

Summer Quarter (Jul./Aug./Sep.) 2020 Online Features

Art and Politics

The Art of the Black Lives Matter Movement
BLM related street and wall murrals from around the country.

It Can Happen Here
Stephen Eisenman and artist Sue Coe examine the similarities between Germany in the 1930s and today's political atmosphere.

Have You Given Up Hope for a Cure?

Paul Moreno recounts the history of art by the artist collective Gran Fury in conjunction with ACT UP in the AIDS protest movement of the 1980s and '90s.

In Tennessee, Art Itself is Protest

Kelli Wood examines the response of Tennesee artists to the current political turmoil.

Iconoclasm Then and Now

Tom Noble analyzes iconoclasm since the eighth century and how it has been expressed in art.

Oakwood Memorial
A look at the memorial for Confed-erate prisoners of war that died at Fort Douglas during the Civil War.

Artists and COVID-19 Part II
Stevie Hanley, and Patric McCoy discuss their experiences during the pandemic.

Stevie Hanley             Patric McCoy


Summer Quarter (Jul./Aug./Sep.) 2020 Online Reviews

Problem Areas

Luis Martin looks at the work of Moreno with an eye to its political significance in the LGBTQ community.

There Where You are Not

Nathan Worcester reviews the writings of the late Palestinian artist and activist Kamal Boullata.


"Blackbird and Paloma Negra: The Mothers"

K.A. Letts reviews prominent Detroit artist Sabrina Nelson's recent exhibition.

Spring Quarter (May/June) 2020 Online Features and Reviews

Posted 6/16/2020

The Plague Review
K.A. Letts examines the first issue of The Plague Review, an online publication by Rotland Press devoted to the artistic response to the cornavirs pandemic.

Posted 6/5/2020

Covid-19 vs. The Art Field
Phil Barcio examines the effects of the coronavirus  pandemic on the the alternative arts scene in Chicago. (feature)


Culture in Quarantine: Seven Interviews from Chicago

Interviews Introduction

Evan Carter interviewed seven Chicago art world members about being confined due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are the first three. the next four will appear next quarter.

Posted 5/31/2020

Nate Lewis: "Latent Tapestries"
At Fridman Gallery, NYC
(online exhibition review)

Posted 5/27/2020

Virtual Visual Culture
Emelia Lehmann examines the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on three major chicago institutions. (feature)

Posted 5/23/2020

“Desmadre Berlin”
Norbert Bisky

At Galerie Templon, Paris

(online exhibition review)

Posted 5/22/2020

“Legacy of Decency. Rembrandt, the Jews and the Danes”
At Elverhøj Museum of History and Art, Solvang, CA. (review)



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