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The New Art Examiner's Quarterly Theme

As announced, the New Art Examiner has changed format from a bimonthly to a quarterly journal with a quarterly theme. Our Summer quarter deals with the role of art in political protest. On that note, please go to our To Our Readers page to read our statement on the Black Lives Matter movement and the current political unrest.

The theme for this quarter is Art and Politics. We are including a photo essay of BLM murals from various parts of the country. There are additional articles on the art of Gran Fury in the Act UP AIDS protests in the late 80s and early 90s and its resurgence today. There is also an article on the anti Nazi political art of the 30s and how it echos today's political atmosphere. All of the articles express the opinions of the authors and not of the magazine, which takes no political position.


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Summer Quarter 2020 Online Features

Art and Politics

The Art of the Black Lives Matter Movement
BLM related street and wall murrals from around the country.

It Can Happen Here
Stephen Eisenman and artist Sue Coe examine the similarities between Germany in the 1930s and today's political atmosphere.

Have You Given Up Hope for a Cure?

Paul Moreno recounts the history of art by the artist collective Gran Fury in conjunction with ACT UP in the AIDS protest movement of the 1980s and '90s.

In Tennessee, Art Itself is Protest

Kelli Wood examines the response of Tennesee artists to the current political turmoil.

Iconoclasm Then and Now

Tom Noble analyzes iconoclasm since the eighth century and how it has been expressed in art.

Oakwood Memorial
A look at the memorial for Confed-erate prisoners of war that died at Fort Douglas during the Civil War.

Artists and COVID-19 Part II
Stevie Hanley, and Patric McCoy discuss their experiences during the pandemic.

Stevie Hanley             Patric McCoy


Summer Quarter 2020 Online Reviews

Problem Areas

Luis Martin looks at the work of Moreno with an eye to its political significance in the LGBTQ community.

There Where You are Not

Nathan Worcester reviews the writings of the late Palestinian artist and activist Kamal Boullata.


"Blackbird and Paloma Negra: The Mothers"

K.A. Letts reviews prominent Detroit artist Sabrina Nelson's recent exhibition.

Spring Quarter 2020 Online Features and Reviews

Posted 6/16/2020

The Plague Review
K.A. Letts examines the first issue of The Plague Review, an online publication by Rotland Press devoted to the artistic response to the cornavirs pandemic.

Posted 6/5/2020

Covid-19 vs. The Art Field
Phil Barcio examines the effects of the coronavirus  pandemic on the the alternative arts scene in Chicago. (feature)


Culture in Quarantine: Seven Interviews from Chicago

Interviews Introduction

Evan Carter interviewed seven Chicago art world members about being confined due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are the first three. the next four will appear next quarter.

Posted 5/31/2020

Nate Lewis: "Latent Tapestries"
At Fridman Gallery, NYC
(online exhibition review)

Posted 5/27/2020

Virtual Visual Culture
Emelia Lehmann examines the effects of the Covid-19 Pandemic on three major chicago institutions. (feature)

Posted 5/23/2020

“Desmadre Berlin”
Norbert Bisky

At Galerie Templon, Paris

(online exhibition review)

Posted 5/22/2020

“Legacy of Decency. Rembrandt, the Jews and the Danes”
At Elverhøj Museum of History and Art, Solvang, CA. (review)

Posted 4/28/2020

Human or Man-Made Material: “The Allure of Matter” Visits Chicago
At Wrightwood 659 and the Smart Museum, Chicago. (review)

Posted 4/12/2020

“Chicago Streets and Ways”
At Hofheimer Gallery, Chicago,  through April 25, 2020. William Dolan and Karen Perl. (review)


Posted 4/9/2020

Artoma: The Art of Cancer
At Chicago Art Department, Chicago. Michael Gallagher, Eileen Powers, Nancy VanKanegan, Barbara Youngquist,, Richard Zeid. (review)

Posted 4/52020

Different for Girls: “Touch Your Mirror” Reflects on Female Adolescence
At EXTRA Projects, Chicago. Jessica Frances Martin and Taylor Morgan.

Posted 4/5//2020

Walls of Prophecy and Protest: William Walker and the Roots of a Revolutionary Public Art Movement
by Jeff W. Hubner, Northwestern University Press. Book Review. (review)

Posted 1/29/2020

At Siblings, Chicago, from December 13, 2019 through January 18, 2020. Matt Morris, curator. (review)


March/April 2020 (PDF of current issue available on our Archive page)



"Down by Line"

One After 909 Gallery, Chicago

Point, Line, and Plane: Andrea Zittel's Spatial Investigations
Carnegie Mellon's Miller Institute of Contemporary Art, Pittsburgh

Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Arts—Faculty Showcase
Palette & Chisel Academy of Fine Arts, Chicago

Intuiting the Figure

Intuit Gallery, Chicago

"Stolen Sisters"

Crossman Gallery, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Crossman Gallery, Whitewater, Wisconsin

Process and Ritual

Renaissance Society, University of Chicago

Rumor Gives It: Encountering the Museum of Jurassic Technology in the Capitalocene

Museum of Jurassic Technology, Culver City, California

January/February 2020

State of the Art Scene

(There are no articles in this issue.)

Creativity and Intellectual Process
Nirmal Raja at The Alice Wild, Milwaukee

Lari Pittman's Declaration of Independence
Hammer Museum, Los Angeles

Lacking for Pope.L

Catalog to MoMA Pope.L show

Arturo Herrera

Corbett vs. Dempsey, Chicago

November/December 2019

art beyond ART


Objects Redux: 50 Years of Craft Legacy

Racine Art Museum, Racine Wisc.

A Dreamer in a City of May Dreams

Matthew Rachman GAllery, Chicago

September/October 2019


Tetsuya Noda:
Soft and Simple Depth

Andrew Bae Gallery, Chicago

"Figures of Speech"

Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

Childhood Mythologies

form & concept, Santa Fe, New Mexico

July/August 2019

Chicago Galleries on the Move: Gallerists Tell Us Why

Works That Caught Our Eye

Works not part of an exhibition being reviewed


The Importance of Small Moves

James Nares at the Milwaukee Art Museum

"Time Share" and "Warm Welcome"

at Monaco Gallery, St. Louis

Encountering "William Counter:

Simple Spells"

at Firecat Projects, Chicago

"Joel-Peter Witkin: From the Studio" at Catherine Edelman Gallery, Chicago


at Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago



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